Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Backpacking in the Smokies

I went camping for the first time two years ago-- and loved every second of it. Since then I've become quite the little adventurer, going on multiple camping trips and even white water rafting-- I can't get enough of it!

So for Memorial Day weekend this year, Mark and I decided to go backpacking in the Smokies. That's right- we carried everything on our backs that we'd need for three days. And trust me these packs are heavier than they look... mine was about 40 pounds and Mark's was about 55! Yep, we tend to overpack...Please ignore the socks portion of my outfit. But I was a little concerned about snakes. Which turned out to be a valid worry because look who we ran into about 15 minutes into our hike:Mark about stepped on him and I about jumped out of my pants. But anyways, we started out at Abram Falls Ranger Station on Rabbit Creek Trail. Though this trail seemed entirely uphill, it was very pretty. We only hiked 2.7 miles the first day- just to be sure we'd make it!Our first night we stayed at "Campsite 16." It worked since we had our own water-- but it would have been challenging to get water from the little creek that ran through there. It was also pretty small for an unreserved site- but it too was very beautiful. And we made our own fire just by using one of the magnesium sticks!Though we had a beautiful day of hiking we did get rained on a bit that night. But it's okay- we are waterproof! The next day we were headed to Abram Falls. We took Hannah Mountain Trail to Abram Falls Trail which dropped us off at the falls. I think this portion was about 3.5 miles. We also had to cross the "creek" which was more like a river by wading across! I felt like quite the little backpacker. All in all it was worth it, because the falls were gorgeous!Mark even took a little swim in the "creek." After lunch at the falls we were off to "Campsite 17" Back through Abrams Falls Trail to Little Bottoms Trail which took us to our site, a little over three miles in all. This site was much bigger than the first night and was very flat with the river nearby. We loved it. We did get rained on a bit again that night, and are now looking into a better backpacking tent...
Day three we woke up and headed back to the truck. It was about 3 miles back to the ranger station via Little Bottom Trail with some beautiful views.All in all it was a great and gorgeous trip-- and I can't wait for our next experience! What was your favorite or best backpacking trip? We're looking forward to trying new adventures!
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