Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daily Find: Customized Duvets & Pillows

So you just redecorated your living room and you can't seem to find the perfect pillows to compliment the fabulous rug you purchased. Or, you just painted your bedroom walls, but can't decide what duvet color scheme to look for.

Ladies and gentlemen, I can help (you can thank me later.) I just came across inmod, and I am absolutely drooling over it. At inmod, you can design your own duvets and your own pillows. Pick your own pattern, fabric, size and colors and voila! you have the perfect complimentary piece.

I've never actually purchased from inmod, but I think I might. I have been looking for the perfect pretty pillow for my bed, and this little design is what I came up with:
This particulat 18x18 pillow would cost about $40... but that doesn't seem too unreasonable because you can freakin design your own! Maybe if I'm impressed I'll get one for the living room too...Go check it out and have fun playing around with all the fun patterns and colors!

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