Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dreams Do Come True

If you could see anyone in concert-- dead or alive-- who would it be?

For me? It's without a doubt, one hundred percent: BILLY JOEL. All time favorite! We are talking if I could only listen to one dude's music for the rest of my whole life- it would be him.

Which is why I have been acting like an excited little kid all day. I GET TO SEE HIM TONIGHT! Is it time yet? Can we go? Can we!? Did I mention Elton John will be there? Come on, it hardly gets better than these two performing together.

I actually got to see Elton John a few months ago in Vegas at his Red Piano gig. It was wonderful to hear him sing those classics live! Though, as one might expect, the show was a little crazy (ignore the poor quality of the pics...)
Yes. That is a giant inflatable banana surrounded by two giant inflatable cherries. Use your imagination.

But back to Billy.
Piano Man. Only the Good Die Young. She's Got a Way. Captain Jack. My Life. It's Still Rock and Roll to me. The Longest Time. Uptown Girl. Need I go on?

I will let you know how tonight goes as I cross "See Billy Joel in Concert" off of my bucket list! Sigh-- dreams really do come true!

Live Well,

*A super special thanks to my brother, Ian for getting the tickets!

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  1. OMG! You are going to LOVE it! If it is anything like when I saw the two of them together 8 years ago, it will be absolutely fabulous! I'm jealous. Go, enjoy, and make sure to blog about every exciting moment--please????