Monday, May 11, 2009

Sweet Summertime

So it's Mid-May and here in the lovely Midwest this means that it looks pretty outside, but we are still working to get out of the 50 degree range. Sure we get the random, beautiful 80 degree day-- but for the most part we simply pretend its actually summertime. Hey, at least we are stretching our imaginations.

In celebration of "summertime" I spent way too much money some time at Crate & Barrel and found so much good stuff. I'm serious-- do not go in there unless you actually like feeling guilty after spending way too much money on pretty stuff you don't actually need. Turns out my deck needed a huge makeover (though I didnt know this until I walked into the store.) Anyways here's how my deck turned out:
And here is a close up, did you notice my beautiful new "Ona Pitcher?" Crate & Barrel if you need a set designer-- I think I could make some time for you...

And that's just the deck... you should see my living room! My next purchase? These super fancy wine and wine glass holders-- perfect for picnics and camping. Enjoy these first inklings of summer... and if you're in the giving mode I'm definitely open to summer-themed presents-- I certainly trust your taste!

Live well,

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