Monday, June 1, 2009

A baby shower, a wedding and a bridal shower

As you must suspect-- I had a very busy weekend with all of the above events! But it is very exciting as so many people in my life are going through these different stages.

The baby shower was for my brother's best friend and his girlfriend. Basically he was like my little brother growing up so it's weird to think he is having a baby-- but the shower was AMAZING. There was a jungle theme-- and I mean jungle, I could barely see across the table because of all the, um, brush- I guess. But in all seriousness it was beautiful. Even the drinks (simba-tini and monkey-something) matched the brown and blue decorations. And most of the decorations were books and stuffed animals with the jungle theme-- all things the mom-to-be can take home with her. Genius! The baby is due June 22 and is a boy. Reed or Reid, they can't decide. I think Reid, what about you?

Next up was the wedding for one of my best guy friends from high school, Rance. He married a girl named Sami, who I had never met, which I was a little leary about. But after the ceremony when I said my congratulations and Rance introduced us, she was so excited. "Oh my gosh! I'm so glad we are finally meeting! Rance told me so much about you!" (I know in general I overuse exclamation points, but that is really how it was.) So now I want to be her best friend-- nice job, Rance. Anyways her colors (I say "her" because I'm not sure how much Rance put into the whole design aspect) were coral and brown which was really pretty. And her dress was beautiful. Rance looked pretty good too in his brown pinstripe suit, but really the day is about the bride right?

And yesterday was the bridal shower for Chelsie (her fiance is Nick.) Mark and I are really good friends with this couple, and his family. That day, I got to meet Chelsie's family which was really nice! So anyways it was a Pampered Chef shower, which I AM TOTALLY doing for my bridal shower. The invitations basically said don't bring a present... you can order one at the shower. Which first of all is really nice because it's one less thing to remember. And I'm that girl totally going shopping the day before and getting the leftover things on the registries like hangers. Second of all, in addition to getting presents ordered for her at the shower, Chelsie also gets free, discounted and half-priced items depending on how much her show makes. And since everyone bought at least one thing (for Chelsie) she probably got a whole lotta free stuff! And now I am totally jealous of her kitchen. At least I got some goodies for myself:

Decorator Bottle Set

Rotary Grater

Food Chopper

It's funny though. I had no idea I needed any of these things for my kitchen until I went to this party. Weird how that works! That was all for my weekend... here's to a great week!

Live well!

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