Thursday, June 25, 2009

Darling Catalina

This is my last post in the vacation-series about Catalina. I swear! But most definitely if you plan on visiting Southern California, VISIT CATALINA!
It is about an hour shuttle-boat ride out to the island. And if you do a little research ahead of time, you can usually buy your boat tickets in conjunction with your hotel and save a little bit of money. We stayed at the Catalina Seaport Inn and it was perfect! We also took the first boat out on Thursday morning and the last boat in Friday evening and I feel we got to see plenty in that short time.
Not only is the scuba-diving BEAUTIFUL, but you feel like you've just been transported to a little Mediterranean city. There aren't any brand-name hotels, or even shops for that matter, so that adds to the quaint feel of the island. Doesn't sound interesting enough? Well everyone drives a golf-cart instead of a car and there are wild buffalo on the island! And the houses are adorable, and in case you won't take my word for it:
It was Mark's birthday while we were out there and I got this beautiful (and delicious!) cake from the little Avalon Bake Shop.
Goodbye my darling Catalina! I'll come back to you someday-- I promise! :)


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