Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quick Travel Safety Tip

I've been doing a lot of out-of-town traveling for work lately (hence the blog negligence.) I also just read the statistic that about 43% of business travelers are women. And since I'm obviously female, and occasionally believe my life is some sort of Lifetime drama (i.e. thoughts like, "That car is following me! It's making every turn I am! ohmygoshohmygosh! Phew, it turned. That was close.") I do tend to worry a bit when I travel. It's hard to know the safe parts of a town when you are visiting somewhere new.

Here's a quick idea that I've been clued in on. Ask the hotel where you are staying if they have a women's-only floor. Certainly not every hotel offers this, and many don't even advertise that they have a women's-only floor (some deem this idea sexist), but in most busy areas you can find one.

And sometimes they'll even have a women's only lounge (no unwanted advances) or pamper you with magazines, specialty lotions, or yoga mats in the rooms.

Hey- it doesn't hurt to ask!
Live Well :)

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