Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rambo's Going Down

So remember when I told you that Rambo moved in? Well, Rambo is trying to take over and man-ify our apartment... with little things popping up here and there. Allow me to present EXHIBIT A:
This is one of the those day calendars. This particular one offers a new fishing tip for everyday. It has somehow made it onto the counter- and is now the first thing you see when you come in the door. A small thing, yes but when combined with EXHIBIT B:

Hmmm... interesting. Here we find a wood sculpture of a bass. Now, I'll give Rambo some credit-- this particular fish made it onto shelves where most of the things are made from wood, but I still spotted him. Combine the first two examples with EXHIBIT C:

And Rambo is going down. That is a GIANT painting of a muskie eating a lure in my living room! No, Rambo I can't see the beautiful sunset and landscape in the background because there is a huge fish threatening to eat my guests. Oh but what's that?
Something sparkly just caught my eye... Sigh... what was I talking about again?

Live well :)

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