Monday, June 29, 2009

Symphony on the Prairie

This past weekend, Mark's Mom invited us to go to Symphony on the Prairie with her at Conner's Prairie located in Fishers, Indiana (just north of Indianapolis for those of you not Hoosiers.) And I loved every second of it!

Basically you get there a couple of hours early, have a little picnic, drink a little wine-- of course the amount is up to you, and play a few games (we played trivial pursuit, but next time I'm totally going for Scrabble.) Then the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra serenades you for about an hour and a half, while the sun sets behind them. It is beautiful and I absolutely loved it. You can find more information here and pick up your tickets at Marsh.

Here are a couple of pictures: (as you can see Mark enjoyed a little more of the "prairie" than he did the symphony...) I had more of the sunset, but my blackberry refuses to cooperate at the moment.
Here is the schedule for the rest of the season. I plan on going to the "from Bach to Bluegrass" and "The Music of Billy Joel." Because we all know how much I LOVE me some Billy. At least that is how far I've planned. I'll surely go to more.

Stars and Stripes Symphony
Thurs.–Sat., July 2–4
Alfred Savia, Conductor

Time For Three - From Bach to Bluegrass
Fri. & Sat., July 10 & 11
Zach De Pue, Leader

Venzago's Debut
Fri. & Sat., July 17 & 18
Mario Venzago, Conductor

The Music of Billy Joel featuring Michael Cavanaugh
Fri. & Sat., July 24 & 25
Jack Everly, Conductor | Michael Cavanaugh, Piano & Vocals

Classical Mystery Tour: A Tribute to the Beatles
Fri. & Sat., July 31 & August 1
Classical Mystery Tour, Tribute Band

Mozart by Moonlight
Fri. & Sat., August 7 & 8
Sean Newhouse, Conductor | Yevgeny Sudbin, Piano

The Music of Queen
Fri. & Sat., August 14 & 15
Brent Havens, Conductor | Brody Dolyniuk, Vocals

Fri. & Sat., August 21 & 22

Glenn Miller Orchesatra
Fri. & Sat., August 28 & 29

An Evening with America
Thurs. & Fri., September 3 & 4

River City Brass Band
Sat. & Sun., September 5 & 6
Denis Colwell, Conductor

I hope to see you there!

Live Well,

P.S. Does anyone know if there is anything similar to this in other cities (big or small?)

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