Friday, July 3, 2009

Campfire Cooking

So to go along with my post from yesterday, I wanted to let you in on some camping cooking ideas-- specifically a delicious and easy fireside*! You know, the entree before the S'mores.
The only specialty item you'll really need for the recipe are these camp cookers. This example is Coleman brand and you can find it at Target for around $10.00. I know you can also find similar products at Bass Pro Shops and Dick's Sporting Goods.You'll also need:
Mozzarella Cheese
Pizza Sauce

The process is simple, just make a little sandwich (I suggest using a lot of cheese) with the above ingredients, and stick the sandwich in the "pizza cooker."

Stick it over the fire and be sure to rotate it every once in awhile. After a couple of minutes check to see how the bread is toasted... if it suits you, take it off the fire and (carefully) enjoy! Of course you could also add as many veggies as you'd like-- but for camping purposes, the less stuff you have, the better!

And of course for dessert we have S'mores-- and I just found this "Rome S'more Maker" at Bass Pro. This way you can actually get the chocolate all melty and messy like the marshmallows (And you won't have to worry about burning your mallow!) Yum...
If you are interested in other camping recipes, that are a bit more rustic than barbeque food, you can request your free recipe book from Jiffy HERE. There is a whole section dedicated to camping recipes. Of course, you can find most of these recipes and many others online--but a little book could come in handy because, well, please tell me you leave the laptop at home when you go camping!

What's your favorite fireside meal?


*I give 100% credit to Autumn (she knows who she is!) for giving me this idea.

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