Thursday, July 9, 2009

DQ & their Girl Scout Cookie Genius

Whoever, thought of girl scout cookies is a genius. And whoever actually makes them is even more of a genius. I mean, what do they put it these things? You can't have just one-- and you can't even have just five.

Here's an example. There are 14 Tag-a-long cookies per box. You know, they have that plastic little tray, and seven cookies per side. So you open it, and pick out two cookies, eat them in .08 seconds and stare at the box on the counter for a few minutes. Okay, two more. Repeat. Now there is one little cookie on half of the plastic tray-- so you have to eat that one, too! Or else it'd be lonely! So that's half the box-- gone in a flash! What if someone comes home and finds half the box empty? "What do you mean you ate half the box?" So you have two options. 1-Eat the other half of the box. 2-Try to hide the box. I think we all know what happens next.

And what's even crazier is that it is probably the only scenario where you can eat an entire box of cookies and NOT feel guilty. You can't get these babies year round-- in fact at this rate they probably only last a couple of weeks--you had to catch up and eat a whole box! You had no other choice! And you supported the Girl Scouts... so really everybody wins.

Now who sparked these thoughts of Girl Scout Cookies? I'll tell you who: Dairy Queen. Hello most genius marketing EVER. Here is my thought process when I saw one of the Tag-a-long blizzard commercials.OOOohhh... yum I haven't had a tag-a-long in sooooo long! Wait? Is it girl scout cookie season? Did my little dealer forget to call me?? I hope she didn't outgrow the Girl Scouts yet, or I'm going to have to find a new dealer.
(Finds webpage. Nope not available. Only 176 days 7 hours 2 minutes and 29 seconds until they are available. I'm not kidding. Type in your area code and there's a flipping countdown.)
So how come DQ gets access to the cookies, and I don't? Where are my keys?-- I need a Tag-a-long fix.

Dairy Queen Marketing department, are you listening? You are perhaps the most genius thing since the creator of Girl Scout Cookies. Selling a Girl Scout Cookie blizzard in the off-season? And for one month only! Why don't I think of these things? You've made a lot of people very happy.

And even better... over at the DQ Website you can get a two-for-one coupon. Buy the Tag-a-long blizzard and then proceed to eat them both yourself. What else would you do? Girl Scout Cookie Season is still 8 months away!


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