Monday, July 27, 2009

Girl fun vs. Boy fun

Last week, many of the boys in my life (including fiance, Dad, brother, future brother-in-law, and half of my favorite couple) went fishing in Canada. Now, of course they are already manly, but this is manliness at it's finest: "hunting" for fish (and the elusive muskie), not many showers, eating what you catch, burly beards, etc. Allow me to illustrate:

Dad's big Walleye

Brother, David's Pike

Half of my favorite couple, Zac's Northern Pike

Future Brother-in-law, Matt's Muskie

Underwater shot of Mark's Muskie

Fiance (no clue how to get that "e" with the accent on it), Mark's Muskie

And they did this for a WHOLE WEEK! Very manly, huh? Well while the boys (ahem, Men) were having fun doing all that man-stuff, us girls (Mom, Future Mom-in-law, other half of my favorite couple, Kim and I) did very girly things. Like clothes shopping, shoe shopping, WEDDING DRESS shopping, etc. Okay so basically we shopped (though we did check out an amazing Symphony on the Prairie...)

I would LOVE to share the wedding dress pictures with you but, I can't trust that Mark won't peek online. He never reads my blog (whine) but the second I tell him he is not allowed to, well, I'm sure he'd be on here in a heartbeat. So you'll have to deal with looking at the adorable shoes I got at DSW:

Guess Flip Flops (though mine are gold)

Madden Girl Pumps in Purple

I guess I just love the juxtaposition of girly shopping to manly fishing! Great catches boys, and thanks for the great week, girls!



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  1. Let me just point out the obvious great catches the boys already made...Lauren and Kim.