Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to look like a Rock Star in Vegas

In a couple of weeks I get to meet up in Vegas with some of my best girlfriends: Kim, Jennifer & Nicole. It's Nicole's birthday (she'll pretend it's her birthday the ENTIRE time we are there like we did on her 21st, so it's bound to be a great time!) Surprisingly, Nicole is actually from Vegas. I know it's hard to grasp that people are actually from Vegas... but she is, and you'll learn more about her and Jennifer eventually...

Anyways, every time I'm in Vegas it blows my mind. How do they manage to make you think that you haven't been up all night? It seems it takes some kind of rock star to make it out of there alive. Which is why I think I need all of the following accessories when I go in a couple of weeks:
Ring from Urban Outfitters
Purse from Guess
Shoes from J.C. Penney (sale! $49.99)

Very rock star don't you think? Regardless of the little extras I pick up before I go, I can't wait! What's your favorite (craziest?) story from Vegas? Any suggestions on what shows we should see?

Have fun!


  1. oh yeah and I saw Greg Brady when I was there last :) haha.

  2. Ok so I made it here!!

  3. When are you going to Vegas?? I'll be there the 13 - 17, please tell me you will be too!!

  4. The "Stomp" show is awesome.
    :) jill