Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jealous of an American Au-Pair in France

I have a small obsession with royalty. This includes anything and everything that has to do with royalty, courts, kings, queens, etc. And both fiction or history work for me! For example, one of my favorite authors is Phillipa Gregory and her historical fiction novels-- most surrounding the time period of Henry VIII. Her book was also the inspiration for the recent movie The Other Boleyn Girl (though I promise you the books are soooo much better! In one of them I actually had to put the book down for awhile because I was so mad at one of the characters!) Also because of my fascination with Henry VIII, I of course have also come to love the Showtime Series, The Tudors.

In addition to Henry VIII, another one of my favorite historical figures is Marie Antoinette (One of my top ten favorite movies is the 2006 Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst-- the sets and costumes are stunning.) In the movie Kirsten Dunst can be seen romping around Versaille. And every time I watch the movie, I want to go to Versailles!

Which is why I am extremely jealous of my friend Noah, who recently posted all of his pictures of his own rompings around Versailles and Paris and every other place in France I have ever wanted to go! Instead of evilly plotting against him (he is currently an Au-Pair in France,) instead I'll just show you the pictures:
Of course this is Versailles, and I assume you do all remember your Rococo lesson? And can't you see me in some big ballgown, all queenly, prancing around all of these castles organizing outrageous balls and parties? (If so you are definitely invited to my first extravaganza.) Just keep me in mind if we ever have to vote for Queen of America or something... I'm just saying.

I believe this is the chapel at VersaillesThe cottage Louis XIV gave Marie Antoinette after their first daughter was born.
Part of the gardens of Versailles. Noah in the Catacombs, kind of scary to imagine them all smiling.According to Noah this is a Roman Church built in the second century. And you thought you were old!Notre DameCormatin- another old castle!

So you can see why I'm jealous of Noah right? He was standing in some of the exact same places as some of the greatest historical figures, only HUNDREDS of years later. It's amazing! For more pictures and french stories you should check out Noah's blog!

Enjoy (and if you are going to France soon, please take me with you!)

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  1. Lauren! This post is fantastic! I'm sooo glad you are liking my royal tour of France! I didn't know you had such an obsession with royalty, though. From now on, I will make sure to really look for things that will interest you.
    I also forgot about your Rococo post. I took a tour of Versailles. Instead of taking us through all of the Louis XIV stuff, she showed us the Louis XVI (I think) stuff which was done in Rococo style! I didn't really take any pics though.
    Thanks for the shout out! It was great to read!