Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Project Idea: Sand Pit

My youngest brother graduated high school this year (and will become a Boilermaker in the Fall!) and in preparation for his graduation party, he recently turned one of my Mom's gardens into a sand pit. I love it, and it seemed like a fairly simply, DIY project.

They pulled up all the plants and trees, covered the base in two layers of tarp, and had a sand truck come fill the area up. It's the same sand as in kid's sandboxes. We also had a stand-alone fire pit, so he just removed the bottom, dug a little spot for it, and line it with rocks. Look how great it looks!

And aren't those chairs adorable? Dad found them at ACE Hardware in all of those cute colors-- here's a picture from the ACE website:
What's your summer DIY project?

Have fun!

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