Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We're All a Little Quirky

I like finding out random stuff about people. Everyone has a few little quirks to make them stand out-- but a lot of times no one ever even sees them! So here's the deal. If you tell me a few of your quirks, I'll tell you a few of mine.

Okay, even if you don't tell me I'll tell you. Because I'm narcissistic and think you want to know. And you can stop reading if you really don't want to know.

But you're still reading, which hammers home my point that we LOVE to hear about other peoples' quirks, because we all have something a little "off" about us. (Quirks is a funny word when you say or type it too much, huh?) Without further ado, here are 10 quirky things about me:

Quirk 1. I hate it when people say "supposaBLY" in stead of "SupposeDLY" There is a "D" in this word, not a "B." Don't feel bad if you make this mistake. Everyone does it. Though, it just occurred to me that perhaps you all do this on purpose, to drive me crazy.

Quirk 2. Checking out at the grocery store stresses me out. You see I have this crazy little quirk where everything on the check-out conveyor belt has to be extremely organized. All the cans together, smallest to biggest. All the veggies & fruits together. All the boxes together. Everything lined up and organized as it goes down the line. I know this is weird. But honestly, I usually get behind the person with one million things in her basket. That way, after she is finished dumping everything on the belt, I can put the little marker between our stuff and take my time lining all my goods up. When there are no lines, I freak out because the cashier throws those things over the scanner faster than I can get them on the belt. It's agonizing. (This is even more quirky if you know I am not AT ALL an organizational person.)

Quirk 3. Why do people say "It's always in the last place you look." Duh people. Who finds their keys and then keeps looking for them? Just another little quirky peeve.

Quirk 4. Nail clipping. Clip. Clip. Clip. I hate that sound. I can clip my own nails but just cringe when someone else does it around me. Ask Rambo, I turn on the TV on loud while he goes outside to do that business.

Quirk 5. My least favorite animals in the whole wide world are sloths. They are so gross. And they move so slow, it's creepy! I won't even watch Ice Age because it has a sloth, and that sloth slobbers which makes it ten times worse. Go ahead and do an image-search. Ew.

Quirk 6. I don't eat the crust on sandwiches. Don't give me that, "It's the healthiest part" mumbo-jumbo. I just don't like-- and I'm hanging on to my youth here, people, so don't tease.

Quirk 7. I read magazines backwards. That is, I start at the back cover and flip pages to the right. I don't know why-- I just do!

Quirk 8. I excessively use exclamation points and parentheses--if you never noticed, you will now. I had absolutely no idea I did this until my roommate, Lainey, read one of my English papers during our freshman year. I have no idea what it was about, but at the time I knew it was a masterpiece and should probably be published. I asked Lainey to read it and when she finished she just laughed and asked why I used so many parentheses and exclamation points. Clearly she missed the point of the paper, but since then I have embraced my over-usage. (Ironically this paragraph has no parentheses or exclamation points! At least it didn't until now.)

Quirk 9. Whichever name you introduce yourself as, is the name I call you. If you said "Jennifer" the first time we met, I won't shorten it to Jen unless you ask me to. I also make up random things to remember a name. Like his name is Joe, he is kind of bigger and has a Bear's shirt on, so he could be a lineman... Joe the lineman. I know lineman in no way shape or form will remind me of the name Joe, but somehow going through this little process helps me remember. On a similar note, I hate it when someone says "It's nice to meet you Lauren, but I'm terrible with names and will forget it in a second." It's totally fine if you can't remember a name-- but saying something to that extent tells me that you aren't even going to try. If you do forget, it is better to later on say, "I know we met earlier, but could you run your name by me again?" That tells me you at least care to know!

Quirk 10. Sometimes I count my steps. Usually it is in long hallways, or when I walk from place to place. I don't care if I lose count, and I'm not trying to get to a certain number, I just count!

I'm sure there are millions more, but 10 is certainly a start. Now spill it... what's one of your quirks?

Live & Love,


  1. 1. Volumptuous? There's no "m" GR.
    2. Me too! I never knew this. I also cannot stand bad baggers. I make them stop and do it myself.
    3. You need mama sense.
    6. You don't even eat the edge of uncrustables. LAME.
    8. Don't even get me started.

    I love this. Miss you.

  2. and I hate how this says "Elaine said..." but I don't know how to change it. Oh well, you know who this is.

  3. Lainey! I am so glad you saw this. I almost mentioned the uncrustables, but didn't want people thinking I was exaggerating! Miss you too!!

    P.S. I am also thinking about doing a post on the Freshman games we used to play (Infinity & Beyond, Identify game, etc.)