Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wonderful Graffiti

Lately, I have been emerged in wedding planning. Now there is certainly no hurry, as Rambo & I haven't even set a date other than Fall 2010. And when I say planning, I really mean drooling over all the pretty stuff- for hours. Do you know how many options there are out there? And I'm just talking about wedding colors. Then there are flowers, favors, dresses, cakes, lions, tigers and bears-- oh my! I see one little thing that I want to look a bit further into... so I get online to look at the site. But then ooooh what's this, and ohhhh look at that... suddenly it is in a hour later and I'm a mile away from where I started.


Lucky for you, today (yes, this happens nearly every day.) the above process lead me to Wonderful Graffiti an awesome, adorable little business that could be used not only for weddings, but literally anything! Here is what they say about themselves:

We celebrate typography--the art of lettering--in unconventional ways. Our two websites, and, are designed to help you celebrate typography your way. We're best known for our Wonderful Graffiti™ transfers, but in 2006 we introduced our Blank Canvas™ and Graffiti 3D™ collections. And we've only just begun. We want to help you bring unmistakable meaning to your space. To tell the world what's on your mind and in your heart. To give you the courage and freedom to express yourself in ways you never could before.

Let's check out a few of their designs. And I mean a few. There are a ton--some funny, some cute, some sweet, others romantic and charming. I wanted to show you them all--so if you like what you see, go check out the site for much, much more! Oh and did I mention they come in all different colors and sizes?

No reason to thank me, just go ahead and send on pictures of your wonderfully graffitied house.
You're welcome :)

Live & Love!

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