Thursday, July 16, 2009

You wish you could double-date us!

Normally on Wednesdays we have our weekly double-date with our favorite couple Zac & Kim. Zim? Kac? Whatever you call them, we love them. I mean how cute of a double-date couple are we?
This week we checked our Conner's Prairie in Fishers, Indiana. It wasn't quite as fun as I remember it being when I was a kid, but it was still neat and we had a good ole time. We checked out an old time Inn, Doctor's house, Blacksmith, Carpenter, dipped candles, petted animals, and so much more. We even threw Tomahawks (of course Rambo LOVED this.)
The boys acted like... well, boys, but that's why we love them. (There were two holes in the outhouse!)
We also walked romantically across an old covered bridge. I practically had to bribe Mark to take this picture:
While Kim seems to have Zac a little more under control:
We even saw a few ghosts!
And Kim & I got the chance to practice being old ladies together:
Rambo was practically prancing for joy he had so much fun...
Afterwards we went to DQ where I finally satisfied my Tag-a-long blizzard craving. Yum. The boys proceeded to check out Gander Mountain (Boys-only fishing trip coming up) while we girls hit the mall. We met up back up at Dick's Sporting Goods. And this picture is a perfect illustration of why we all get along so well. While the boys take their sweet time looking at lures and rods and all that super fun man stuff, Kim and I enjoy ourselves as well.

Yes, all of our double dates are this much fun. It's okay to be jealous.

But now it's like you were there, too!

P.S. All of these photos are 100% unaltered, and all taken by Zac. Obviously, he's kind of good with photos.

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