Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adjusting to Mommyhood

Meet the newest addition to our family, a silver lab named Sergeant Kingston Silver:
King for short. He is also referred to ofter as "good boy," "baby," "junior," and "you little sh*t."

He is nothing short of ridiculously adorable, and we have been wanting a puppy for weeks now. Though we both grew up with labs, this is the first puppy that is actually ours. And what I mean by this is we don't just get the perks of being around a puppy, like cuddling and playing. We also have the parenting role.

Which makes me: a mommy.

Now I take my mommy role very seriously with King. He knows he is my baby and I knew the second I laid eyes on him that I would love him forever and do anything for him. For example, yesterday he had a little bit of sleep in his eye. And I got it out without even flinching. I'll give you time to soak in how momentous this moment was for me. I wouldn't touch yucky-doggy eye-boogers for anyone before King came into my life. But I did it... with my bare hands. That's love people.

King came into our family Sunday, and we went to spend the night at my parents house (we were looking for wedding locations.) And I could not believe what an amazing puppy Kingston was. He only peed once in the house. ONCE! What a good boy! And no accidents at all in the car unless you count his inability to tell if he is about to roll off of something.

And then we got back home. And there were a few more accidents (so far--thankfully, only pee.) Last night he must have either eaten or drank too fast though because at one point he walked up to RamboDad and puked on his hand. Hilarious, yes. But I discreetly went into the next room and gagged while RamboDad picked it up. So when I say I'll do anything for him, I mean I can do eye-boogers. I can't do puke. If I even imagine someone puking it makes me gag.

Side note: RamboDad has a very serious doggy-parenting technique. And by this I mean he likes to pretend like he is a dog. He will literally stick a chicken-flavored-chew-thingy in his mouth and play tug-of-war with King. I will attempt to get a picture soon because you probably don't believe me.

Anyways, he slept great in his crate, and cried to let us know he needed to go out. Which means no mess for mommy to clean up. Good boy. Then very early this morning he let us know he needed to go out again. Okay, good boy-- no mess. But they apparently it was play-time and go crazy-time. And pee-on-the-carpet-three-times time. I guess King didn't get the memo that Mommy isn't a morning person.

Cue RamboDad leaving for work. King passes out for an three hours so I can get some work done. This is working out well. Then King wakes up, and starts making that sound. I'm going to call it doggy-gagging because it's even grosser than human-gagging. But I know you know what I'm talking about. Please try to picture little adorable King puking. And me sitting on the couch gagging and feeling really, really bad for my baby in between gags.

I (somehow?) clean it up, gagging the whole way. I call RamboDad to let him know we had a little spit-up action, gagging in-between words because I'm thinking about it and he laughs at me! So maybe he is some kind of Superdad because he doesn't gag when there is puppy spit-up involved, but apparently I am just not that kind of Mommy.

Oh well, Live & Love!

P.S. I have abolutely no idea how I am going to eventually handle human baby puking. Tips?


  1. Oh my gosh! I was laughing the entire time reading this. I don't do doggie puke or doggie #2 :) He is super cute!!!

  2. lauren,
    After hangign out with Derek's sisters (who both have kides under 12 months) I too wonder how I will handle humna puke and #2... :(
    people say it's differen when it's your kid's puke... To me it's still puke! lol

  3. Lauren, can you put some more pictures of King up now that he is a big boy! Did I tell you that I have been looking at Chocolate labs, I think I am going to buy myself one as a graduation present in May!

  4. Your "King" reminds me of my Weimaraner, Luna, when she was a baby.....he is sooooo cute!