Thursday, August 6, 2009

Book Love: The Hunted

Okay so I'm really behind on my book love posts. But I wanted to get this one up as soon as I finished the book because (drumroll please) I had an advanced copy!

So maybe this isn't a big deal to you, but in my opinion getting my hands on an advanced copy of any book means I have totally made it as a bookworm! And it's a book of my choosing no less. I also have to thank Twitter, without which I would never have found @littlebrown.

Anyways-- let's get to it.

In case you haven't read what Book Love is all about and the best advice I've ever received when it comes to books, be sure to check out this post!

Book Name: The Hunted
Author: Brian Haig
Category: Popular Fiction, Thriller, Suspense
Pages: 450ish

Brief Description:
According to Borders: "'New York Times'-bestselling author Haig delivers this thriller inspired by a true story about one man running between two countries, trying desperately to escape his past."

According to the back of the book: "In 1987, Alex was thrown out of Moscow University for 'indulging his entrepreneurial spirit.' But by 1991 he was worth $300 million. On track to become Russia's wealthiest man, he makes one critical mistake: he hires the former deputy director of the KGB to handle his corporate security. And then his world begins to fall apart. Kidnapped, beaten, and forced to relinquish his business and his fortune, Alex and his wife escape to the United States, only to be accused by his own government of stealing millions from his business. With a contract out on his life and the FBI hot on his trail, Alex is a desperate man without a country-- facing the ultimate sacrifice for the chance to build a new life for himself and his family"

Why I bought it: Like I said I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of this book from @LittleBrown. But the reason I picked this particular book out was because it was different for me. Most of the books I read have either some sort of life lesson, historical fiction or fall along the lines of love stories. I enjoy reading all kinds of other books, but in general that's what I'm drawn to. But since I haven't read a suspense novel lately, I figured why not? It sounds intriguing AND it's based on a true story.

Book Love: Like I've said before I only post Book Love posts about books I like-- I think it would be a waste of time for you to read an entire post about a book I didn't like. So naturally-- The Hunted falls into the Book Love category. It's really suspenseful and there were quite a few parts where I cringed (this is where reading is different from movies, you can't just look away!) I also liked the book because parts of it take place in Russia while it was struggling to turn from Communism to Capitalism... and you can tell Haig really did his research on exactly what it was like. For example, at one point the book illustrates how people didn't necessarily understand mass advertising from the start because with Communism there is no need to talk about one brand over another-- it almost seems like gloating about your product. I never thought about that, but it's interesting and I did end up getting my fill of history with this book. And knowing that this is based on a true story makes it even better!

Book Quotes: I'm going to skip this section this time... there are tons of suspenseful and action packed paragraphs I could show you, but since the book isn't available in it's final version yet, some things may end up getting cut. Plus I don't want to break any kind of law! :)

Bottom Line: If you love suspenseful, action-packed novels... this baby is right up your alley!

Availability: The Hunted will be available August 12, 2009 but is available for pre-order at Borders. Other places too, I'm sure but that's the only one I checked!

Enjoy it you little bookworms, and thanks again for letting me enjoy the book @Little Brown!

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