Friday, August 21, 2009

Fabulous Friday: Fair Edition

This weekend, the Indiana State Fair is wrapping up here in Indianapolis, so if you haven't made time for it yet... you definitely need to! And this Sunday (8/23) you can get $2 off admission with a Pepsi can.

I guess I have always taken fairs for granted. I grew up in Porter County-- which has a very big fair, as does a few surrounding counties. So this time every summer, everyone made a point of going. And the same goes for the State Fair, just on a bit of a larger scale. But, I never realized that some places don't have county fairs until my college roommate freshman year (from California) was so excited to hear that I'd been to one.

Lainey-"What do you mean fair? You have YOUR OWN county fair? Like with animals and games and rides?"
Lauren-"Um, yes."
Lainey-"Oh my gosh, I have always wanted to go to a fair!"
Lauren-"Well I want an ocean and a boardwalk and 70 degree whether in winter. So it kind of balances out."

Or something like that, but you get the idea. So here we have our Fabulous Friday, Fair Edition featuring everything I love about the fair, in no particular order. Except for number one, because number one definitely deserves to be first.

1. The Food
Oh the glorious food. Go to the fair hungry. I suggest in between lunch and dinner so you can get away with having lunch AND dinner (with desserts for both.) When we went between Mark and I we had: a strawberry milkshake and grilled cheese from the Dairy Barn, a gyro, a snow-cone, ribbon fries and a pulled pork sandwich. However, the corn on the cob, strawberry shortcake, fried cheesecake, deep fried chocolate covered strawberries, and funnel cakes also looked very appetizing. Chocolate covered bacon is also available this year. Though those are two of my favorite things, not so sure how they'd be together...

2. The People

GREAT people watching. Every kind of person goes to the fair. So while your food is digesting, sit back and watch a couple hundred people walk by. This may also help in deciding what you want for your second or third or fourth course.

3. The AnimalsNot only are there cows, pigs, horses, and more, there is also a petting zoo with the most adorable baby goats. Rambo used to show pigs when he was younger (I know you wouldn't think that would you?) so if you can I suggest going around with someone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to the different kinds of animals/winners/etc.

4. The Random StuffApparently 2009, is the year of the tomatoes at the state fair, sponsored by Red Gold. One of my favorite buildings at the State Fair is the Ball State Ag/Hort building. This year there was a competition to construct something (I'm not sure on the exact rules) out of all Red Gold products. Above was one of the winners, a Hungry, Hungry Hippo! I was impressed. Also in this building is the honey/bee exhibit, the random gourds that grew into funny shapes, gigantic pumpkins and flower arrangements.

5. The DNR Booth
Okay so I wouldn't consider this booth "fabulous," and I probably wouldn't even go in there if it weren't for Rambo (aka Mark,) but you know I am a super-awesome-wonderful fiancee (pretend there's that little accent on the "e".) So of course I let him we wander around there for awhile. And if you are going with a boy of any age-- you should probably hit it up as well.

6. The Rides
So I haven't ridden any fair rides, recently, but that doesn't stop me from telling you that they are an absolute BLAST when you do. Of course, half the fun is you think you might die/shoot of into the sky because of how the rides look.

That about wraps it up... what's your favorite fair food or part of the fair?

Live & Love!

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