Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good Vet vs. Bad Vet

Let me just tell you about my morning.

Yesterday I mentioned that King threw-up a little bit. While the post was hopefully entertaining and light-hearted, unfortunately King was definitely sick last night. In between sleeping, instead of acting like a playful pup he just laid there looking pathetic. So we made an appointment for first thing this morning to go see the vet (we weren't originally going until tomorrow.)

And so begins our morning. We arrived at the vet, we will call her BadVet for the purpose of this story. We sit down and begin telling the vet all of kings symptoms. She tells us that it most definitely sounds like parvovirus, and that unfortunately this is deadly to puppies. We could try treatment on him, but that would cost $2,000 and we couldn't even be sure that he would live. Oh, and sometimes parvo works very quickly, we could have just mere hours left with him. She isn't even going to do the physical exam because it isn't worth it. We asked if there was anything else it could possibly be, or if there was some type of puppy food we could try to get him to eat (King hadn't been eating.) Her only suggestion was for us to go back to the vet the puppy was originally taken to and back to the breeder to see if we could a. see if any of the other puppies had it and b. get our money back. Awesome BadVet. Thanks for your positive words, great advice, and overall ability to help us.

We leave, and immediately drive/call the second vet, who we will call GoodVet for the purpose of this story. And when I say we I mean Mark because all I can do is cry my eyes out about how sick my baby is and think about how we might only have a few hours left together before he's gone.

We get to the GoodVet, who did I mention? is usually closed on Wednesday, but came in because he is an angel. He looks at King and says, oh this boy definitely looks like he has coccidia... a very common, and very treatable parasite in puppies. He can do the parvovirus quick-test just to make sure (note BadVet did not have this test, even though she is an emergency clinic.) While the parvovirus test is developing he looks at a swab of King's doo-doo under a microscope and says, "Yep, definitely coccidia." He even shows Mark how to identify the cells. Which, in case you are curious, look like this:And, oh look at that, parvovirus test is negative. Which is a good, according to GoodVet, but even if he did have it, most puppies o drecover with just a syringe full of Gatorade every half-hour for about a week. You can do the math on this: $2000 vs. shots of Gatorade.

GoodVet gives King a syringe full of something to kill the coccidia. He also gives us enough to give King a little everyday for 10 days as well as two pills for him to take in about 2 weeks to kill any other potential parasites also common in puppies. He goes ahead and gives him a booster shot for parvo, clips King's nails, and gives us a whole schedule of the next three months of shots and boosters. All of this plus a new bag of puppy food for just $95. Like I said this man was an ANGEL.

But, can I just reiterate how much I want to hug GoodVet? And kick BadVet?

Thus concludes my morning. Now King is back to normal: prancing, pouncing and playing in a normal puppy way, thanks to GoodVet!

Sheesh, this Mommy stuff sure is dramatic!
Live & Love,

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  1. OMG! I had a pretty similar, yet less traumatic experience with Howie. I went to one vet like 3 times because she kept giving us new (expensive) medications to try because he had a junky cough that would NOT go away for like over a month. She decided it was something serious, so she wanted to do x- rays and possibly put him out and stick a tube down his throat to see if she could find anything out. She thought maybe it could be kennel cough or something else, she didn't know but just wanted to randomly investigate. Mind you, all of this would have been pretty expensive. So, I decided to take him to the vet I used to work for up by my parent's house. The minute she sees him and listens to the cough she says it's very common in great danes. They just have pretty thick mucus as puppies that makes them wheeze and cough. She said it would go away in a few weeks/ months as he got bigger. Sure enough, she was right. For JUST the exam fee, which I had already paid 3 of for that other stupid lady...