Monday, August 31, 2009

Rockabye Baby Kingston

King is smart. Really smart- so smart in fact that I would even call it psychic. You see it seems that no matter what time Mark and I plan on getting up- King seems to know exactly how to beat us to it by an hour. Allow me to illustrate.

Let's say we plan on getting up at 7A.M. King coincidentally will start to whine at about 6A.M. Which is understandable because he is a puppy. However after one of us (Pleeease Mark?) takes him out to "go potty" King refuses to go back to sleep and immediately switches to psycho-crazy-terror pup. Which looks a little something like this:

and this:
If we put him back in his crate he whines and whines, so we try to let him curl up in bed with us and sleep for the remaining hour.

And when I say sleep, King translates this into play. Pulling hair, biting noses, fingers and toes, and licking faces. Which makes for tough sleeping. But we go along with it, hoping to wear him out so we can get a little more sleep. And finally as it nears 7 o'clock I give up. "Come on King. Please can we sleep?" And he gives me this adorable little look like "What? You don't want to play with me?"
And here is where King's psychic abilities kick in. At the perfect moment, he curls into an adorable little ball and falls asleep. Yes! A few more minutes of sleep await us! And as we put our heads to our super comfy pillows, the alarm goes off. What perfect timing you have King.

What a cute little psychic pup you are, indeed. Ah, parenthood.

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