Friday, August 14, 2009

VIP in Vegas: Days 2, 3 & 4

Day Two-Saturday
Wake Up.
Happy Birthday to Nicole!
Go to the pool.
Feel like my insides are cooking because it is SO HOT.
Head over to Sunset Station to see cousin Diandra Asbaty bowl in the ESPN Finals of the US Open (Bowling.)
Feel important because we get escorted to super sweet seats.

Have dinner with Nicole's Family.
Walk the strip and gamble a bit. Side Note: Kim is AMAZING at Roulette.Get Ready to go out.
Blindfold Nicole because she has no idea where we are taking her.
Embarrass Nicole by toting her through the entire casino. Make her sing happy birthday to herself while spinning in circles.
Finally reveal the big surprise: Thunder from Down Under! (This is a must do if you are having a girls weekend!)Head over to Cesesars Palace to get into PURE. Meet people from everywhere... Romania, Pakistan, California, Italy and "Candyland."
Make new friends and get into the VIP section.
New friends take us in a stretch Hummer to the Wynn.
Gamble more (love all the red decor at the sister hotel to the Wynn... the Encore.)
Get a taxi back to Planet Hollywood. Totally overcharged for said taxi. Refuse to believe that the sun is coming up.
Go to bed as Kim asks, "What time should I set my alarm for?"

Day Three: Sunday
Wake up to Kim's alarm, but surprisingly awake.
Head over to MGM's pool.
Lay out/bake for a few hours.
Meet a bumblebee.
Decide we are going to tour a bunch of pools and head over to Wynn's pool.
Realize Wynn's pool is European when we see boobs.
Surprisingly none are fake.
Back to Planet Hollywood.
Get ready with our new Vegas Royalty outfits.
All-you-can- eat Sushi at Paris.
Take Jennifer to the airport. Sad that she's leaving.
Head over to XS at Encore. Love that it's outside near the pool.
Make it into Holly Madison's VIP section. Meet her and the cast of the Peep Show.
Make friends with Carolyn Pace-- part of the cast, who we totally loved!
Stay til the club closes.
Gamble. Side Note: Kim wins a ridiculous amount again in Roulette guessing 3 out of 4 in a row right!
Force Kim to cash out.
Decide it's bedtime because the sun is rising again.
Cab it back to Planet Hollywood. This cab driver doesn't over charge us. Kim insists on paying because she a high-roller now!Go to bed. Kim sets her alarm.

Day 4: Monday

"Sleep in" until noon because (yay!) Kim turned off her alarm.
Lay out at Planet Hollywood.
Enjoy one final Miami Vice poolside.
Say goodbye to Nicole and Vegas.
Decide we had the most fun possible.
Promise to return soon.

Thanks Vegas!

Live & Love!

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