Friday, August 28, 2009

Wedding Update

A little wedding update for you guys... we have finally accomplished something! Two things, actually!

We are all set on a location (for both the wedding and reception) as well as a photographer. I am so happy to have these two crossed of the list, because from here, everything else should just fall into place.

So this also means we also have an official date:

October 23, 2010

I'm pretty excited about the date, because it's actually when my paternal grandparents were married in 1949, so there is some significance there for us. I guess it could even work for something borrowed.

The location is the Radisson at Star Plaza, near where my parents live. There are so many "pluses" to this place it is ridiculous. We can have the rehearsal dinner, wedding, reception, and Sunday brunch all in one place-- which is so convenient for our out of town guests, if they don't want to they won't have to leave the building! Plus there is plenty to do nearby with movie theaters, a mall, and tons of restaurants. There's also an indoor pool/waterfall-- how fun for a post-rehearsal dinner pool party? I can't wait for that weekend!

We also have nailed down a photographer: Amelse Photography. His work is great, and I'm really excited for him to capture our big day! What's also nice is he doesn't work "hours." Included in his pricing is the start of your day until the very last dance-- which is really awesome. I can't wait to work with him! Go check out some of his shots :)

I can't wait until October 23, 2010! Any wedding or wedding planning advice for us?

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