Thursday, September 10, 2009

20 Questions with Bridesmaid Nicole

You've already met my Maid-o-Honor, Kimmy in the past, and over the next few weeks I will be introducing you to the rest of the bridesmaids. Today you get to meet Nicole.I have to tell you this picture was taken in Hawaii after a really rough time in the water. We are strong swimmers and came out looking like this!

I met Nicole the summer before my sophomore year at Purdue. I will tell you that Nicole isn't always the best in the first impressions department, but she definitely grew on me. And to know her is to love her. She was on the swim team with me and let's just say she has very limited awareness of personal space. Which can be awkward in a small locker-room full of girls after swim practice.

She hails from Vegas, which should already tell you she is one-of-a-kind. She was my roomy for nearly two years and hated every second of it because of how messy I am. Between her and Kat (who you'll meet later) I pretty much had a mom away from home.

So without further ado, 20ish questions with Nicole (my comments in italics)

1. What’s your favorite color?

-unknown, different depending on the day

2. What’s your favorite flower?

-jury's still out on that one too, the ones that are big and bright are at the top of my list

3. Who’s your favorite author or what's your favorite book?

-Electroboy by Andy Behrman

4. What are you currently reading?

-DSM IV-TR, Basic Pharmocology, & Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment (riveting I'm sure)

5. What’s your favorite movie?

-Grey's Anatomy Seasons 1-5 (notice how Nicole interprets the questions to suit herself!)

6. What’s the last movie you saw?

-Grey's Anatomy Season 4 (watched the whole season last weekend) (which puts her at 374 times of watching that season. The Grey's seasons played on a loop the whole time we lived together. Her mood would depend on the mood of the characters.)

7. What’s your favorite food?

-ice cream

8. What’s your favorite restaurant?

-Macyo's, it's a mexican resturant ONLY in Las Vegas

9. Where is your favorite vacation location?

-Hawaii, though the only time that I have been there it hasn't been for vacation (i.e. Hawaii Training trip)
-cruise boats are nice too...

10. Where is one place in the world you’d love to go?

-I'd like to backpack across Europe, hopefully next summer after I graduate!

11. What is your favorite place to shop?

-Express, you can find day, business, or night clothing all for a reasonable price + a coupon!

12. What is your lucky number?

8/8...need I say more? (It's her birthday.)

13. What is your favorite board game?

-I can't play board games due to my competitive nature, they often end with me throwing a fit...I'm better at contact sports. :)

14. What are your pet peeves?

-Late, messy, and unorganization (all qualities of mine. yet she still loves me)

15. Do you have any hidden talents?

-I believe I could have been a concert pianist had I put my mind to it. (no comment.)

16. What is your favorite holiday?


17. If you could be any super hero, which would you be?

-hmmmmm...Dr. Phil (Which planet is Dr. Phil a super-hero on?)

18. If you could be any animal, which would it be?

-A dog, stumble upon the right owner and you live in luxury. (very practical)

19. Describe yourself in three words.

-overbearing, annoying, unpredictable (should I have said describe yourself in three POSITIVE words?)

20. Describe me in three words.

-empathetic, good natured, and unorganized :) (I though she'd say late, messy and unorganized.)

21. What’s a favorite or funny memory with me?

-When you almost cut my head off. (Allow me to elaborate. Indy 500. A bit of alcohol. Nicole broke her flip flop and the black top was really really hot. So I was piggy-backing her back to our blanket on the grass. I was kind of leaning forward with her on my back and not really looking up too often. There was a wire a little above waist level separating the blacktop from the grass. I went under it without even seeing it. Nicole was clotheslined. I remember thinking that it was like someone flew out of the sky and pulled her off my back. I looked back to see her lying on her back. Being the good friend that I am I laughed so hard I cried while a bunch of strangers fussed over how she was. She was laughing as hard as I was. I have never wished I had a moment video-taped more in my life.)

22. Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

-Every successful couple has 10 things they love about each other, they also have 10 things that hate about each other. The trick to successful relationship is deciding if the 10 things you love overshadows the 10 things you hate. (ooh. This could totally inspire me for a post about Rambo.)
23. Favorite Quote?
-Be the change you want to see in the world. -Gandi

Like I said, to know her is to love her! Thanks, Nicole for the insight into your life!


  1. Where is this post going to appear at? In case it doesn't show up behind by 20'ish questions that I what I am talking about.

    1. Lauren, this blog thing is growing on me.

    2. You made me out to be a rock star on your page.

    3. You're unorganization doesn't bug me anymore, looking back I would have thought I was a narcissistic bitch if I were you...

    4. Thank for looking past the first impression, not actually cuting my throught when I did shitting things like put dirty dishes in your room, and lastly (and most important) thanks for being my friend :) Glad to be in the weddin!

  2. I can't wait 'till my 20 questions! hahah Nicole I love you - you always crack me up!