Monday, September 14, 2009

Daily Find: Flash Sales

Have a case of the Mondays today? Nothing a little shopping can't cure right? How about designer clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and housewares at 50-70% off?

I just became familiar with the term "Flash Sales" and I'm totally hooked. Basically they are members-only online sale sites with designer goods at huge discounts. These sites have mini-sales from all kinds of designers that last anywhere between 36 and 72 hours. We are talking Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Juicy, Ralph Lauren, CuisinArt, Calvin Klein, It's first come, first serve, and they often sell out in just a few hours because of the huge discounts.

Excited aren't you? And now you are thinking, "Okay but where are these sites and how the heck to I become a member?"


Gilt ( An invitation only site that offers fashion and luxury brands at discount prices. They sell high-end fashion and accessories for guys and gals. And they even have some houseware items as well as occasional beauty and fragrance items. Savings between 50 and 70%. Sales last 36 hours.

One Kings Lane ( Invitation Only. Designer Housewares at up to 70% off. They have two sales a day, Monday through Friday each lasting 72 hours or until items are sold out. You also get $25 off your first purchase when you join. For example these adorable expresso cups from Yedi Houseware:
which usually retail for $38.00 are on sale for $19.00. And I got them for a dollar and some change with my $25 off (shipping costs extra of course.) A dollar and some change for that whole set!

Rue La La ( Invitation Only. Housewares and fashion with three to four sales a day each lasting 48 hours.

The secret on how to become a member:
You probably noticed that all of these site are invitation only. For most of them you can also be put on a wait list. The sites do this to stay exclusive. But guess what? It's your lucky day because yours truly is a member of all the above sites and I have the ability to give an invite to anyone I want! If you'd like an invitation all you have to do is ask.

Just leave a comment with your e-mail address and tell me which of the three (or all of them!) you'd like an invitation to. Or you can just e-mail me ( and let me know which sites you are interested in.

Happy Discount Designer Shopping!

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