Monday, September 21, 2009

Daily Find: Organize!

Yesterday in between watching football and eating nachos, I went on a cleaning and organizing spree at our apartment. And while I won't say I enjoyed it, I do enjoy the way my clean kitchen, bathroom and living room look (That's all I had time for.)

I'm telling you this because I have a GREAT organization tip for you that I only wish I had the room to actually execute. But, living in an apartment sort of hinders by storage space.

So there I was walking through Target with Kim, spending way to much money on stuff I do not need, when we walked by the storage section with these adorable orange and purple totes from Rubbermaid.

I know I shouldn't call totes adorable, because really they ARE just totes, but the color makes them adorable. So go with it.

And then it hit me! Instead of going through a ton of boxes or ugly totes when you are trying to find holiday decorations... color coordinate!

Orange- Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving
Green- Christmas
Blue- Winter/Hannukah (I live in Indiana, so there are winter decorations that I can use the 3 months AFTER Christmas when it is still snowing.)
Pink- Valentines Day
Yellow- Spring
Purple- Easter
Red- 4th of July

I don't know if they actually have all of these colors, but I know they do have orange, green and purple for sure. So you are well on your way to being set. Now go on, get organizing. And when you are done take a picture and send it to me so I can be jealous of your colorful storage space/room/garage etc. Feel free to thank me later when the winter holidays roll around and you aren't searching through boxes and boxes just to find your ornaments.


  1. Hey dude, I'm not yet savvy with the blogging world, but I have one now... granted its for a class, and I had to do it, for a grade. But I looker cooler (I hear) if I have a veteran blogging goddess following my blog so... follow me! :)