Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Dog

We have the most perfect puppy in the whole world. Allow me to illustrate all of King's finest qualities.

King helps with the laundry, by separating it. I know, it's pretty unbelievable-- everyone wishes they had someone to help with laundry! King sneaks goes into the closet and conducts panty-raids. And every time this happens, I take the underwear from him and put them in a separate pile. After a few days, voila! A delicate load.

King has an appreciation for good shoes. How do I know? Well, puppies chew on things they like, right? So clearly King appreciates my favorite black heels. Wearing shoes with teeth marks in them is cool, right?

King appreciates comfort. In the form of our couch. He loves it so much that he was curious on the construction of our particular model. So curious that he chewed through one of the corners to see what was beneath the outer-most layer. I'll let you know as soon as he puts this knowledge to use.

King is very attentive. Whatever he is chewing on (shoe, couch, paper towels, hands, or in rare instances his actual toys) he will continue to chew on until he hear something that squeaks or sees something that moves in a curious way. Like your ankle for example when you walk past him.

King is very protective. If you go near something that is "his" (shoe, couch, paper towels, toys, carpet cleaner, etc.) He will attack. Being protective is a positive quality, right?

King knows and loves his is home. He shows us this by peeing all over the place. But he definitely helps us clean up by taking the pee soaked paper towels to the trash. He hasn't actually made it to the trash yet. Usually he ends up under the table ripping his pee-towel to shreds. But I can definitely tell he is trying to head in the direction of the trash.

King is smart. He knows sit (attention!) and lie down (incoming!) He also knows if you are holding a treat. And preforms accordingly. He also knows how to get to the bag holding all of his toys and treats. Even if it is out of his reach and zipped up.

Did I mention that I strongly believe we have a need for a sarcasm font?


  1. haha love it! Don't worry I've got some black sandals that i LOVE and i've worn them all season w/ little Maddie "bites" :)

  2. When my akita was a puppy she ate about $2000 worth of right shoes. Only the right ones...never the left ones. Too bad I'm not one-legged.

  3. if you think he's special now.. wait 'till he's bigger, with stronger teeth, and a no nonsense attitude about seeing what exactly is in the trash!
    jk i know he will be a polite- well trained dog with an unyielding love for his mommy and daddy! <3