Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tea Party

When I was little one of my favorite games was "tea party." I had an adorable little tea set that was black and white with little plates, a teapot and teacups. And I LOVED that game.

But now I'm older and I don't like tea: iced tea, sweet tea, green tea. Yuck, yuck, yuck. That is until today.

My cousin, Kassy sent me this ADORABLE little tea set from Teavana. And I LOVE it! Not just the adorable little tea set, but I even like the tea! And I am really excited because it's like I get to play tea party all over again, only with a much more sophisticated looking set!

All of this stuff is from Teavana, and I'm in love. They have a bazillion different teas and tea accessories. When I opened up the Teavana tin I was overwhelmed by the heavenly scent of peaches (Kassy sent me a white tea- "Peach Tranquility.") It smelled so good I honestly thought of bathing in it.
I went on the website and it looks like all of the tea at Teavana is loose-leaf tea. Which from what I read, sounds like why I never liked any other kind of tea... too bitter or strong. Here's what they have to say on why they only use loose leaf tea:

"There are a number of reasons, but they all come back to quality. All tea has an expiration date. Tea will lose flavor after 6 months and become stale after one year if not stored properly (see our Tea Storage Tins to keep tea fresh). In addition to that, tea bags usually consist of smaller pieces of tea leaves or tea fanning (also referred to as dusts) that give a stronger, quicker brew, but lack the subtlety and fine quality of larger loose-leaf teas. Tea bags can also release too much tannin quickly, giving a harsher flavor to the tea.

And we really love tea. Tea bags often contain mixtures of tea, rather than a pure tea that can be consistently enjoyed every time. Our loose-leaf teas are always made with premium, larger leaves and you can easily see the quality of your final tea blend. Loose-leaf teas also allow you to blend flavors and types of tea easily."

So basically, I'm in love. I have to go now, though... it's time to play tea party for the third time today. It's been too long, I have a lot of catching up to do.

P.S. Thanks Kassy!!

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