Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guess who caught the biggest fish?

If you recall from my last post, Mark and I went on a romantic little getaway this past week. And it was very romantic... just check out our cute little cabin:

You may also recall that part of this romantic getaway included a full day of fishing. My secret plan to make the full day of fishing worth it was was to catch the biggest fish of the day. Well not only did I NOT catch the biggest fish of the day, I also did not catch the second place, third place, or fourth place fish. Of the five fish we caught, mine was definitely the baby.

First Place (whoa baby!):
Second Place:
Third Place:
Fourth Place (didn't get a picture, a bass similar in size to third place.)
Fifth Place:
Don't be alarmed though, I have a simple solution in the form of this picture:

See that? Nothing a little tricky perspective can't solve! On a side note, King was dressed in his very own fishing vest for the occasion.

And Mark was totally in his element:
And even though I hate to admit it... I actually had a good time on a boat for eight hours, in the October cold, catching the smallest fish of the day.

And yes, that's a camouflage hat. I had to at least look the part!
Live & Love!

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