Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

I am going to be in the middle of nowhere, Tennessee this weekend and I'm safely assuming I will have limited access to the internet, but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so of course I can't miss out on wishing you all a haunted, spooky, fun and happy halloween!

For Halloween, Mark and I are going to be Thing 1 and Thing 2, and King gets to be the "cat" in the hat. Pictures to come in the future of course, but it should be a pretty funny costume.
To pull it off, I ordered Mark and I red onesies online. I did this in secret because I didn't think he would be too thrilled to wear a onesie. I tried to break it to him gently.

"I already ordered our Halloween costumes, so you are just going have to deal with what I came up with. But it's really cute I swear."

"What are we going to be?"

"Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Suess. And King is going to be the Cat in the Hat."


Then later we were at dinner with a bunch of friends, and this is when I broke the news that he would be wearing a onesie. I strategically did this in front of people so he wouldn't make a scene. Instead he surprised the heck out of me by saying, "Really? Sweet! I was really sad when I grew out of my onesie when I was little."

Really, Rambo? Mark is usually pretty manly, so to hear him admit that he likes onesies, let alone misses the one he had when he was little made me laugh so hard I about peed my pants.

It gets better. A couple of weeks ago we got the onesies in the mail. He came home, asked what was in the box and I told him. He immediately dropped everything he was holding, ripped open the box and his onesie, and put it on. He then proceeded to wear it for the remainder of the night.

A 25 year old man in a red onesie. Rambo continues to surprise me.

Happy Halloween everyone! What's your costume?

Live & Love!

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