Monday, November 9, 2009

I Have No Words

I have a lot to catching up to do. I need to update you on our Tennessee trip over Halloween and my work trip to Vegas for the SEMA show.

But King just presented me with a situation that far overshadows both. And usually when I tell stories I use a lot of detail and take a lot of time to lead up to the punch line. But I am actually speechless because:

King just threw up a pair of panties.

Really King? I knew you liked to chew on them but how did I completely miss the moment when you SWALLOWED A WHOLE PAIR!?

All I hear is Mark saying "What the heck is that? What did you feed him today?"

Me: "Um nothing out of the ordinary except for a little piece of bread."

Mark: "Well what is this green thing in here?"

Me (too curious not to look--gagging) "Ew! What is that!?"

Gag. Gag. Gag. Go in to the other room and try not to think about the vision of puppy puke burned into my mind with some strange green mass. Gag more.

Mark: "We need to inspect it. Find something I can use to probe it with."

Me: "Um. What?"

Then I go hide on the couch and pretend not to hear him digging through it. Gagging.

Then I hear him say "Here's a tag! It says love and pink. Hey, aren't these a pair of Victoria Secret panties?" (I will give Mark a little credit here on correctly identifying the mass from a "Love Pink" tag.)

So I just can't believe he actually swallowed them... pretty much whole.

And as I type this Mark is training King to NOT go after panties. He is sitting on the floor facing King with a pair of my panties in the middle. And when he King tries to go after them he yells "No," takes them away a puts the back in the middle.

I just can't believe he ate a whole pair of panties.

Live & Love,


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