Wednesday, November 18, 2009

See what happens when I go out of town?

I was out of town last night and all day today working, and on my way home I called Rambo to see how his day went, and to check in on my baby, King.

After the initial, "Hey, how are ya, miss you, love you" etc. that should be expected from a loving couple such as we, I asked how King was.

"Well, babe, King caught his very first Muskie today." And I swear to you, I have never heard Mark sound more proud of anything-- including when he caught his first Muskie.

But what throws me off most about this story is that, based on my so-in-depth-it-should-be-illegal-for-a-female-in-her-twenties knowledge of Muskie fishing (which stems from being engaged to a man who spends every spare moment watching fishing on TV, reading fishing magazines, making lures, making sketches of lures and you guessed it-- actually fishing) I know that there are probably not Muskie in a river running through Indianapolis.*

"Oh, that is very exciting, clearly King is just as into fishing as his Dad!" I told Mark, "How did he catch him?"

"Well, the Muskie was actually dead- King just sniffed him out." Oh good. What an elegant palette my pup has. He loves everything from panties to muskies.

"And was his first Muskie as big as your first Muskie?"

"Oh no, this one is only about six inches."

"How do you know it's a Muskie if it's a baby?"

"Well it's too long for any kind of other fish, and I just really think it is."

Right. My fiancé is so addicted to fishing-- specifically muskie that he is now seeing them everywhere. This fact was further hammered home when I discovered that Mark TOOK THE DEAD AND ROTTING FISH HOME WITH HIM, took pictures of it and sent it to my Dad, his brother, and our friend Zac who only encourages Rambo's little hobby (the photo album is called "King's Catch".)* Here are a couple of the pictures, and if you could clear up for me that this isn't a Muskie please let me know. If it is a Muskie, don't tell me because Mark will find out and I will never see him again because he will spend the rest of his life down by the river fishing:

This one was entitled "teeth"
Yes, he is missing AN EYE.

But back to the conversation:

"So our porch sort of smells a little fishy."

"Ew! Well make sure you put it in the DUMPSTER and not in the trash, okay?"

"What do you mean PUT IT IN THE TRASH? I put it in the freezer for further investigation."

Further investigate? No more NCIS for you, Rambo, no more NCIS for you.

But I will admit it was really cute how Mark was beaming about King's first Muskie. But not cute enough that I will touch anything currently sitting in our freezer.

*I really need to work on my run-on sentences.


  1. :) i was wondering how you were going to react to the fish in the freezer!

  2. haha Lauren! I loved reading this!! so funny =]] && I love your blog! I hope you are doing well!! miss you! <3