Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thoughts for Tuesday

Another random thought post for you:

1. King just ate his way through a strap on one of my tank tops. I yelled at him and now he is truly following me around like a lost puppy looking all sorry and so stinking cute. How can I be mad at a face like that?

2. Mark came home the other night telling me that he bought soap that will make it so he doesn't smell human any more. He also bought a new detergent for the same reason. AND he was excited about it. I was completely confused as to why he wanted to stop smelling human. Who thinks of that? What a weirdo! Maybe I told him he stinks one time too many and I was really hurting his feelings? But I only tell him he smells when he really does smell. Like sweaty gross boy... which is not everyday or anything, just every now and then. He couldn't have taken offense, could he?

So finally I felt bad enough to say, "Mark, is this because sometimes I tell you that you stink? When I say that you smell it's usually on days when you have been fishing all day or working on something or running around with King. You don't stink all the time. I didn't mean go out and buy soap that makes you not smell human anymore."

And Mark says, "Oh, didn't I tell you I was going hunting this weekend? That's why I bought that stuff-- so the deer won't be able to smell me."

No Mark. You didn't mention you were going hunting. You just came home and told me you wanted to stop smelling human and you bought soap and detergent to help you do so. So not only did I think you were weird for 10 minutes, I felt guilty for telling you that you smell sometimes. How do you walk in the door and of all the things you have to tell me (like you are going hunting for the first time, and could potentially kill Bambi's Dad, or "Gosh you look beautiful, have I told you how much I love you lately?") You choose, "Honey, guess what? I bought soap that won't make me smell human any more!"

3. I do not get video games. The last video game system I mastered was Nintendo 64, and even then I only liked to play the fun games like MarioKart and MarioParty. Mark has a PS2 (I think that's what it is) and doesn't usually play, but was all excited because this new game Modern Warfare just came out. So he bought it and is all "Babe you want to play with me?" No thanks. I can't quite master the concept of this joystick moves your head, and this joystick moves your body, and this button shoots, and this button reloads. Trust me I've tried and I just end up spinning in circles. And just walking around shooting people doesn't seem fun to me-- guess I'm weird or something. "It's okay, hun. You play... I'll just blog or something."


And I just found myself thinking that there clearly is a huge divider between men and women. Because I don't even know what a drone is, but even if I did, I would be willing to bet that what you did with it, in my opinion, was not cool.

4. Call me crazy, but maybe instead of playing video games, or putting extra time into trying to not smell human, there may be something a little more productive Mark could be doing. Like plan a wedding, perhaps? Now that is what I call fun.


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