Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Every year I, like everyone else, make resolutions, though I try to go a little outside the box. Here's the list for this year:

1. Try to keep better track of sock pairs. I have a really big issue with socks missing their "buddy." And it really makes me mad because I am convinced that the washer or dryer is eating them which I know is not true. And if the washer or dryer isn't eating them, that makes it my fault when one or 34 socks get lost. So in an effort to keep tracks of my socks, my New Year's Resolution is to ball socks up together every single time I take a pair off.

2. Read more. I had a bit of a quarter-life crisis last month when I realized there was just not enough time in a lifetime to read the amount of books I want to. I made myself a "to-read" list which was over 100 titles long. Do you know how long that will take me? So in an effort to get through that list (at least partially) my New Year's Resolution is to read at least 25 pages a day. At least.

3. Make an attempt at being less messy. I am just a messy person, not DIRTY mind you (messy and dirty are different, just like organized and clean are different.) So in an attempt to be more organized I am going to try to pick-up for ten minutes before I go to bed (fold a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, etc. also go into this category) and for the first 10 minutes every morning do something clean-related (clean the sink or bathtub, etc.) I will be honest that I'm worried the second category is eventually going to turn into, "Well I brushed my teeth, so I technically I did clean something." But I'll at least make a solid effort. I promise.

4. Renew my faith. I was raised Jewish, but mostly we just went to temple on all the major holidays. I am glad that my parents didn't really force a religion on me (I hate to say force because I think having faith in something-no matter what religion- is a great, great thing) and raised me with an open mind. And by open mind I mean we celebrated Chanukah and Christmas. Spoiled I know. I took the Jewish equivalent of Sunday school, but barely recall a thing. So this year I am going to attempt to "be a better Jew," and learn more about the religion and culture. And I am going to check out the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation. Has anyone ever been or want to go with me?

5. Get Married. Okay I know this doesn't sound like a very good resolution seeing as how I am already engaged and we already have a date and place set and paid for, but what I mean is actually getting going on the whole process. So I resolve to get a videographer, DJ, and officiant all in January. We are getting married up in Merrillville, Indiana... so I am totally open to suggestions.

So those are my 5 resolutions for this year. I am also going to make a few resolutions for the decade since it is going to be 2010!

1. Write a book. I haven't decided if it's going to be something serious (like all the amazing novels I read) or something a little more light-hearted. Depending on how my journey through Judaism goes (see #4 above) I may consider writing a book along the lines of "From JAP to Jew." So please don't steal my idea. And if you don't know what a JAP is, ask my Dad-- because he totally raised one :)

2. Have babies (god willing!) I'm one of those crazy people who wants a baby right now, but will do the responsible thing and wait a couple of years. Maybe in these couple of years I will adjust better to eye-boogers, nose-boogers, puke and poop, but it's not likely. Why do you think I'm marrying Rambo?

3. Own a house. And decorate it. Ohmygosh I can't wait. The goal would be that this happens before the #2 resolution of having babies.

4. Finish the puzzle I started last week (notice how this is going in the decade-resolution decade, because even though I work on it every night, I swear it's not more done than when I opened the box.) So yea, finish the darn puzzle.

5. Teach King to stay away from underwear. Um yeah, definitely going in the decade resolution list.

What are your resolutions?

Happy New Year's!!! Have a safe and fun night.


  1. Can I steal all of your resolutions...for the year and decade? I think they fit quite nicely into my life right now! Good luck with them all!

  2. Of course you can! Steal away! Happy New Year :)