Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hello, readers! It's been awhile, hasn't it? Hopefully you'll forgive me, but I think we all understand how hectic the holidays can get. Here's a recap of the past few days:

1. King got beat up. And by beat up I mean he was trying to play with an older lab at Rambo's Dad's house. This particular lab, named Tucker (who is usually a very sweet-tempered dog), did not want to play, and growled at King to let him know. King still wanted to play. So Tucker bit him. Hard.

I totally saw the whole thing and then watched King run as far away from Tucker yelping the whole way. I couldn't look. I felt sick. I thought for sure King's little baby snout was only barely hanging on to his face. How would he eat? How would he drink? How was I going to explain a deformed dog for the rest of my life? So I made Rambo look.

"He's fine," Rambo said. Ohmygodthankgod. At this point, Mark's step-mom (Nurse Nancy) was holding a paper towel up to his nose so the blood would clot. "Don't worry, there's just a little blood," she said, in an attempt to make me feel better. She showed me the paper towel. WHICH WAS COVERED IN BLOOD. I retreated to my previous position on the couch and continued to feel sick. For the rest of the night King stayed in the corner, going near none of the dogs. Occasionally he would peek down into the dining room through the stair banisters. It broke my heart.

The cut has nearly healed, but King sort of looks like a rat because there is a bump on his little baby snout which I am hoping will eventually go down. Other than King, my main concern is how I am going to survive, when I am eventually the parent of an actual CHILD. I see a great many panic attacks in my future.

2. We saw Avatar in IMAX 3D. And it was AWESOME, even though I got a little motion-sick at the beginning and had to stand in line for pop and popcorn and miss the first 15 minutes of the movie (AHEM Hamilton IMAX 16 in Noblesville.) But back to the movie, it was amazing and so fun to watch at every single second. When I walked in (late) to the theatre everybody in the whole theatre, which was full, was smiling with those dorky 3-D glasses on. So cool. Go see it. in 3D if possible!

3. We also rented and watched District 9. And it very well could have been my least favorite movie of all time. So bad in fact, that is all I am going to say about it. Except that I don't recommend it.

3. Santa brought me a Kindle. And so far, I love it. And I really love the idea that I am employing modern-day technology with one of the oldest forms of entertainment... reading! A full report to come.

4. I started a 1,000 piece puzzle. I was on a big puzzle kick this time last year, and finished 3 of them in no time. I started the 4th one, and it literally sat on our coffee table for 2 months. And in case you were curious, it is a nightmare to dust an unfinished puzzle. And since we got King, I was afraid to start one because there are few things worse in the world than having ONE piece of a puzzle missing. I will report back in about a month or so on the status of this particular puzzle, and how many pieces King gets to. (Current count: 1, but it is still workable.) Why do I like puzzles so much? It's hard to explain but I LOVE grouping together all the pieces of the puzzle that look the same. This is where the tree pieces go, this is where the sky pieces are, and this is where I have the window pieces, etc. Plus every time you get a piece to fit, you get this proud feeling of accomplishment. Multiply that by a thousand and I am one happy puzzler.

5. Every time I typed "puzzle," "puzzles," or "puzzler" in this post, I first typed pussle. Including just now. It was annoying, and now the word puzzle doesn't even look like a real word to me.

That's probably enough recap for you right? It was great seeing all of our family and friends this week, and thanks everyone for all the gifts! I hope your holidays were as eventful and fun as ours!


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  1. Hi Lauren!

    Sorry about the lines in the stand! Shoot us an e-mail ( with your mailing address and we would be happy to send you a couple of coupons for free concessions.

    Our team here at the Hammilton 16 IMAX doesn't want you to have a bad impression! See you next time!