Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Present Situation on Presents

1. I have officially finished all of my Christmas shopping as of 8PM last night. And by officially finished I mean I am completely done except for I have to pick up one last gift card. So, like I said, officially finished.

2. I bought three rolls of wrapping paper, and I'm already out. If there was a wrapping paper that advertised "Guaranteed to wrap all of your presents this holiday season" I would totally buy it even if it cost $20 and weighed 10 pounds. Because going back and forth to the store just for wrapping paper is ridiculous. Not to mention that then there are like 3 presents that don't match all the other presents under the tree. Which is unacceptable in Lauren's world.

3. I LOVE buying presents for people. But I hate when people (ahem, Mark) tell me exactly what they want. What is the fun in opening a present when you know what's inside?

4. Even more annoying is when you happen to buy two presents for your fiance (for example) and have a great idea for a third present, all of which he off-handedly mentioned MONTHS ago. Then one day a week ago he comes home and says "You know what I want for Christmas?" and then proceed to name off the two presents you already bought and the one you plan on buying. Now it appears that I am just buying the presents because the fiance explicitly told me that is what he wanted for Christmas. I am going to get no credit for thinking of them and paying close attention on my own. I didn't list the presents in the above situation because a. Mark doesn't read my blog and b. there is a solid chance that he will forget that he told me what he wanted and I will be a hero on Christmas.

5. On the other hand, it is completely acceptable for me to tell you exactly what I want, for you to wrap it, for me to open it, feign surprise and then be completely happy.

6. I wrapped a couple of presents yesterday and I was putting them under the tree, when I saw two presents without a To/From tag on them. Both were clearly wrapped by me. But I could not for the life of me remember what they flipping were. I could account for what was inside every other wrapped box under the tree accept for these two little ones. I made a list of everyone I bought for and what I got everyone, and still these two little boxes fit in no where. So I opened them and was all "Oh yeaaaaa..." (I can't tell you what they were! What if this person reads my blog!?) Anyways this situation sort of eliminates any future job opportunities for myself as an elf.

7. Speaking of To/From tags... if you forgot to buy them and are doing last minute wrapping (like myself) Check out THESE adorable, printable tags from CreatureComfortsBlog or THESE equally adorable, printable tags from PaperCrave.

8. That's all. Have fun opening presents everyone :)


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