Saturday, January 2, 2010

Around Town: IMA and New India

So, even though it's not on my official New Year's Resolution list, one of my goals for the year is to get out to more places. I've lived in Indy for over a year now and before today I still hadn't checked out any of the museums or tried very many new restaurants around to
wn. Which is really too bad because Indy has A LOT to offer.

So I'm going to try to do something new once a week. Whether its a restaurant, a little shop, a museum, etc., I'll be reporting back to you on how it was. These posts will be the Around Town series... so I hope you enjoy.

Today I did two new things around town: visited the IMA and went to dinner at New India.

I've been meaning to get to the Indianapolis Museum of Art forever, but Rambo isn't really into art so it never actually happened. Until today, because Rambo was helping a friend move, and I had a little "me time." So off to the IMA it was.

Did you know there is free parking, free admission and free wi-fi at the IMA? Well I didn't so this made my day that much better. Not to mention I was pleasantly surprised by the collection... they had so many of my favorite artists: Rembrant, Caravaggio, Reubens, Cuyp, Lorrain, Watteau (I love Baroque and Rococo styles, especially 17th century Dutch painting!) It happened to be the last day of the Sacred Spain exhibit so it was packed, but that exhibit was pretty cool to see as well, even though I'm not really into that type of thing. I just did a quick walk through today, but I will definitely be going back. Soon. Armed with a camera, notebook and pen. So stay tuned.

Here is a Watteau painting found at the IMA (I just found these images on google-images)
And here is a BEAUTIFUL Carravaggio (I love this artist!) that is found at the IMA, it's called "Sleeping Cupid." The funny story about this is while I was looking at it a mom was dragging her son down the hall, quickly passed all the paintings. The boy was probably about five or six, but unlike his mother he actually wanted to stop and look at the paintings (because HELLO that is what you are supposed to do at a museum.) Well he stopped her in front of this one, gasped and said "Mom is that angel DEAD?!" You could hear the curiosity and fear in his voice. "I don't know," his Mom answered. "Looks like it." And started to drag him away while a sad little look crossed his face.

I was so shocked and mad because 1. The title of the painting is SLEEPING Cupid, which was clearly displayed next to the painting on the wall. 2. Even if she thought he was dead she should have took some time to explain something as complicated as death to the child or make something more pleasant up. So, as she dragged the kid away I followed a little and told him that the angel here was Cupid, who makes people fall in love, and that he was just sleeping because the holidays are a busy time for love. Let's just say his Mom gave me a look that Cupid would not approve of at all. But the kid looked happy enough with my answer and that's all that mattered to me.

Also the grounds and gardens of the IMA are beautiful. I would have enjoyed them more if it weren't 7 degrees out, but I definitely want to walk around more when it's above freezing. I also want to check out the Lilly house which I didn't know is completely decked out around Christmastime. So yea, I will definitely be going back.

I also went to dinner with a couple of friends to New Indian (in the strip mall on the corner of 96th and Allisonville.) It was very good, and very reasonably priced. The dinner buffet was just $9.99 It was my first time trying Indian cuisine, so I can't tell you how it compared to any other Indian, but I can tell you it was very good. And I left very full. Also one of the waiters there sort of looked like Jacob Black from Twilight, so you may want to check it out. I'm just saying.

That concludes this episode of Around Town :) I would LOVE any suggestions on what/where to check out around Indy!


  1. Your mama wants to go to IMA too!!! And kudos to you for enlightening a child!!!

  2. I went and saw the Sacred Spain exhibit at the IMA yesterday, too! I wish I would have made it to a tour though, because, like you said it was packed and tough to see everything. Let me know if you're ever going back :)

  3. Yay IMA! With it being so close to Butler, I've been there about 20 times. They also have a library there in case you ever want to write a research paper on Renaissance art dealing with the plague.
    Did you see the modern art section? That's one of my favorites.
    Also...suggestions for future endeavors:
    Fountain Square (
    You can duckpin bowl and/or get swing dance lessons for cheap. I've done both...and both are a lot of fun. I don't know how Rambo would handle the dancing, though.
    Also, there are a few wineries around Indy...and 1 downtown. Its called Easley Winery and they give free tours.