Thursday, January 7, 2010

Around Town: Korea with Jennifer

A friend of mine, Jennifer (who you'll meet soon) is in Korea right now for a couple of weeks, and then she will be back there again for a couple of months after she gets married in March. She's out there because her fiancé, Blake, splits some of his work time between Korea and the States.

Anyways she sent me an e-mail the other day and it was so funny I want to share some of it with you all.
Hi Nicole and Lauren,
Well I definitely stick out like a sore thumb here in Korea. Not only am I the ONLY blonde haired girl, but my chopstick skills need some work! Today is the first day that Blake will be at work all day so I have to find ways to entertain myself. Currently I am watching the Cowboys game online and figuring out Korean food words. Blake bought me a note pad so I can write down words and we can bring it when we go out to eat or to the grocery store. Speaking of which, the store is pretty cool. The shopping carts are magnetic so you ride up flat escalators to get to the next level It has 5 levels:
1. The food (a slight guessing game)
2. Cleaning supplies and housewares
3. Clothes and electronics
4. Restaurants
5. A health club.
The shopping carts are magnetic so you ride up flat escalators to get to the next level.

After the fun adventure at the store, we went on a neat walk. Not only did I see one of the coolest bridges ever, but I got some pretty cool pictures of the ship yard and the beach we live on. The bridge was really cool. I am not too sure on the significance of it (the historical signs were in Korean) but I do know that it is a travel destination for the Koreans and Japanese (they were everywhere!).

The place we live is pretty nice. They have a TON of high rise apartment buildings because they do not have a ton of land. Everyone in our apartment complex are Westerners and every time I see a person I want to give them a hugh because they speak English.

Funny story, I made it though 3 airports (Houston, Tokyo, and Korea) WITH MY PEPPER SPRAY so not only do I feel invincible against the extremely nice Korean people, but anyone who attacks me is going to get a surprise.

Tidbit of information: Korea doesn't have stop signs or street signs. You basically risk your life driving, exactly why I will be walking everywhere!

Okay I will stop boring you with my life. I will email you again soon with an adventure. Love you and miss you!


Doesn't Korea sound intriguing? I'm trying to convince her to start a blog of her Korean adventures.

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