Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book Love: The Host

Santa brought me a kindle (ahem thanks Mom & Dad.) And this was the first book that I read on it. I love my Kindle. I was worried because there is something sort of romantic about curling up with a good book, and I love dog-earing the pages with quotes that I love. The Kindle does offer a way to highlight and "clip" anything you want. Which is perfect! And it just seems so much more convenient than lugging a bunch of books around (not to mention cheaper!) For example, The Host costs anywhere from $20 to $26 at bookstores, $14.97 on Amazon, but for the Kindle version (which is wirelessly delivered to your Kindle- so nice!) it only cost $9.99. No more waiting for the paperback version to come out! There are also a lot of free and discounted book prices all the time-- especially the classics!

The one thing that I don't like so far is that you can't tell what page you are on (this is so you can change the font size of the words-which is a plus!) instead the Kindle gives you a percentage of how far you are in the book. I guess it's just a different way of doing it! Anyways on to the Book Love:

Book Name: The Host
Author: Stephanie Meyer
Category: Fiction, Science/Fiction
Pages: 619

Brief Description (borrowed from Borders) The author of the bestselling Twilight series, delivers her brilliant first novel for adults that's also suitable for teen readers: a gripping story of love and betrayal with the fate of humanity at stake, featuring what may be the first love triangle involving only two bodies.

Why I bought it: This was one of this month's books for the book club I'm a part of!

Book Love: So I usually steer away from the science fiction, but I figured I may as well try and read this book because I did love the Twilight series, and it was our book club book after all. AND I LOVED IT! Even though it could never actually happen, the emotions of the characters seemed very accurate. Just the imagination alone involved in creating such a story line was intriguing. There was a lot of internal dialogue and conflict, much like the Twilight series, but it wasn't an overwhelming thing. Anyways I couldn't put it down.

Quotable: "The expression felt out of place on a mouth more often given to smiling."

"...never saw an exposed soul without being struck by the beauty of it."

"A collection of sense, all but touch, concentrated in one place." (I never though about that!)

Bottom Line: If you liked Twilight, you'll like this. Sure it's science-fiction but it isn't crazy-science fiction- it's more about human emotions!

Availability: Available in hardback and all your normal bookstores, and of course available on Amazon if you have a Kindle!



  1. After I got through the first 100 pages, I absoloutely adored this book. After she gets found through the end of the book, I was hooked! I almost loved this more than the Twilight series.

  2. I loved it too! Any other book recommendations?