Sunday, January 31, 2010

Book Love: Philippa Gregory

This Book Love is not so much about a particular book, but a particular author. I've been reading Philippa Gregory books for years. And I love them.

If you are into historical fiction, and want to get into a series I highly recommend her. She has six books about the Henry Tudor (16th century) reign (one was made into a movie, but as usual the book is soooo much better.) What's not intriguing about a guy who had more wives than he could count?

The Constant Princess
The Other Boleyn Girl
The Boleyn Inheritance
The Queens Fool
The Virgins Lover
The Other Queen

So why do I like Philippa Gregory? Well, for example, in one of the above books, I was so jealous about a certain situation between a man and a woman and so seriously made at the guy, that I had to stop reading the book for a few days. When an author can make you feel like that... now that's talent.

And, she started a new series about the Plantaganet reign (15th century.) I just finished The White Queen and can't wait for more!

What's your favorite historical fiction novel?

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