Thursday, January 14, 2010

DIY: Holiday Card Collage

Okay the Holiday Season has been officially over for weeks now. But I finally got around to doing this little craft this week so I might as well share.

I love ALL the holiday cards I get from friends and relatives around the holidays, it is so fun and I usually hang them all in our kitchen and then throw them away when the holidays are over. But it's so sad to just throw all the cards and pictures away especially when I know how much work goes in to getting the cards, addressing them, licking envelopes, stamps etc. (I know life is tough, huh?) And if you don't throw them away you just put them all in a pile and add them to a box of stuff you likely will never look at again.

OR you can use all the cards to make a FRAMED CARD COLLAGE. Now I am not taking credit for this idea because I totally stole it from Mark's cousin's wife. But it is such a great idea, I couldn't NOT share it with you!

1. Buy a frame. You can usually luck out and get one for half-price and Hobby Lobby or Michaels. That way you can get a BIG frame for a little bit of money. The frame I bought is about 32x20 inches.

2. Cut up all your cards and arrange them in a collage. AND THAT'S IT! I made sure to get at least a little piece of every single card into the collage. And next year, I have a really great Christmas decoration! Okay so it's a little more time consuming than the number of steps, but it's definitely worth it.
Think of what my future house will look like after 10 years of this little project!



  1. This is a great idea! I always feel so bad throwing away cards that people gave me, but really, if I keep them, they just add to the clutter!
    I may actually do this next year, sadly this year's cards are already in the garbage!

  2. Thanks! Sorry I was too late! :)