Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shanty Creek

This past holiday weekend, Mark and I along with our other half... Kim and Zac headed up to the Shanty Creek Resort in Michigan for our 2nd annual ski trip.

We left ridiculously early (I believe it was 5:30) so that we could have plenty of time to ski that afternoon. I wasn't happy about the early wake-up call, but I was excited about the trip so I put on a happy face. Kim and I sat in the backseat, basically packed in as if we were just another piece of equipment for the trip. We managed to both fall asleep and woke up a little over an hour later at a gas station. And wouldn't you know it after we fell asleep the boys took a wrong turn and put as an hour out of our way.

In addition to skiing, we also did some more snowtubing and Mark and I attempted snowboarding. This was a huge fail and I haven't been this sore in a long time... even three days later. Mark and I both took some major spills, and I don't think I'll be trying that again. Zac and Kim, on the other hand, seemed to have a good grasp on skiing after our equipment trade.

It was another good trip! And I highly recommend Shanty Creek if you are skiing in Michigan. They have really great deals... even on holiday weekends and two different mountains to ski on. And the rooms have a fireplace and kitchenette which is convenient. A couple more years and I think I'll be ready for Colorado.

While we were away we left King with my parents... and my mom found out that she is allergic to him... which turned into a ride in an ambulance to the hospital--yikes! Basically, with King in your life there's never a dull moment. Fortunately after some steroids and an inhaler my mom's alright!

I have a busy few weeks ahead of me with trips to: Toronto, Nashville, Madison, California and Houston for Jennifer's wedding! So I apologize in advance if Laurealism is a little light in the coming weeks... but I'll be here as much as I can!


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