Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ski Trip to Seven Springs

So this past weekend we took a little trip to Seven Springs Mountain Resort, a skiing resort in western Pennsylvania. According to Google Maps, this place should be less than 7 hours away from Indianapolis (which is pretty close in terms of finding a good mountain to ski.) It ended up taking us a little over nine I think... which included SIX stops. Which is way too many in my opinion but whatever... at least we made it.

At soon we got off the interstate and started driving up the mountain we immediately ran into a ton of snow... and it literally didn't stop snowing the entire time we were there, which was both beautiful and awesome for skiing.

The resort had a REALLY great deal going on. For $427 we got lift tickets for 3 days, a 2-night stay at their hotel, breakfast for two days (which was an amazing buffet by the way,) a family-sized pizza and drinks, a game of bowling, a game of mini-golf, and a 2-hour snow-tubing session. We also got to bring King along as well! Oh and for you families out there, you can get the above deal (same price and activities) for a family of four! Talk about a great deal. Check out this link if you are interested in more information.

Now this was only my third ski experience. Ever. And though I think that I am speeding down the mountain and looking like a pro, in reality I basically snow-plow my way down the mountain. Mark on the other hand is really good, and can manage to ski around me and take video of my amazing skills:

When we want to get video of Mark, he waits at the top of the mountain for me to get to the bottom, and from there in a non-moving position I can get video of him.

As I mentioned earlier, we also went snow tubing which was really, really fun. And the session that was included was 2-hours. Enough time to go down the hill about 20 times. They had 9 lanes, and 2 different run types. I could have done it for 5 hours!

At one point King escaped the room, and he didn't have his collar on which makes him a little tricky to catch. Mark and I chased him around for awhile until he ran into one of the offices for the resort. Thanks to the ladies who entertained him until we caught up. And thanks for smiling and understanding, and not saying things like "Your dog is loose," like the lady in the lobby did. Thanks lady, I didn't notice.

The only other little dilemma we had was we found this little fellow on our last day:
In the hotel's defense, it was a pet-friendly room and it had two doors- one to the interior, and one straight outside, which was great for King. We are guessing the little guy got in that way.
Overall it was a great trip, and the resort had some great runs! Here's a few more pictures from the trip:

The snow was collecting on Mark's facial hair. So sexy.
Nervous to go down a blue. Rightly so because I totally fell on it.
Ready to snow tube.
Some of the condos at the resort.
Dirty look because Mark took me a way I DID NOT want to go.
New skis!
Couple shot!

In a couple of weeks we will be going back to Shanty Creek in Michigan with Kim and Zac, so we'll be nice and warmed up for that! Can't wait!

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