Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Without the yellow snow, the white snow wouldn't look so pretty

Rambo and I went up to my parents' last weekend so he and my Dad could go check out a big Musky show in Chicago, and so they could do a little ice fishing (how I manage to have two of the biggest fishing maniacs in my life, I'll never know.)

While we were up there we did a little sledding. My parents live on this GREAT hill that was so much fun growing up and I thought I'd show Mark a little of the action.

We had a great time, and I remembered how hard sledding actually is. Sled down. Trudge up. Repeat x 65. King went with us too and had a lot of fun chasing imaginary snowballs down the hill.

At one point I laid down to make a snow angel, and I was immediately brought back to my childhood. There was the feeling of warmth with all those layers mixed with cold where some snow snuck in. Breathing heavy from walking up the hill, and hearing the faint tinkle, tinkle sound of the snow coming down. And feeling those cool little snowflakes hit my face, and cool air in my lungs. I LOVED doing that as a kid. So peaceful! I was always a snow angel perfectionist, too. You know you have to jump back a little so the bottom of your snow angel is covered in boot tracks, then you have to be really careful standing up so you don't mess it up. So as I was in the process of carefully getting up, so as not to ruin my snow angel or the precious nostalgic moment I just had...

King came and jumped on me. And ruined the precious snow angel. And then he peed next to it in the snow. Then he ran off and I could just tell by his flappy ears and wagging tail how happy he was.

So yeah, sometimes you've gotta take time for those perfect snow angels, and other times you just gotta pee in the snow.

Puppies are always good for a little perspective.


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