Thursday, February 25, 2010

Around Town: NorCal

You already know that I'm fortunate enough to travel for my job and you also know I'm in Northern California for the first part of this week.

What you don't know is since I swam in college, and the girls on the team came from all over... that usually when I travel I get to see people. That I don't usually see! And it's exciting!

Especially when I see people like Carlene who is so on the same page with me when it comes to food, art, books, and on and on. She took me out in San Jose last night to the best place ever... Santana Row!

It has a ton of great shops (hello my dear Crate & Barrel and Container Store!) and a ton of great places to eat... all in one place. It also has a CineArts Theatre-- which I am just starting to get into-- all the movies that get big awards but don't necessarily go mainstream. So if you are in San Jose... I highly suggest you check the place out.

For dinner we went to the Left Bank Brasserie. Which I highly, highly recommend. It was sort of pricey... but not outrageous at all. And totally worth it for the artwork we got to eat! We ordered a delicious fondue of brie and blue cheese. And then we each ordered a salad and a tarte. We thought these tarts were going to be nice and petite. But as Carlene put it, "these are like a personal pan pizza!" So we definitely had too much food, but it was great.

Then today work brought me further north to Sacramento, and en route back to San Jose we took a little detour to San Francisco. Which was adorable and I can't wait to make a trip back there to actually enjoy the city! But I did manage to snap a couple shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. Such a tourist I know, but I couldn't help myself!

Tonight takes me to SoCal... where I'll be working through Monday-- including a weekend show, but I hope to get some "Around Town" time, too! Any maybe the weather gods will bless me with some sunshine! Please?


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  1. You should have been here today. I had special weather ordered just for you. It was 70's sunny and clear. Hopefully we'll have more of the same tomorrow but I think it's supposed to rain all weekend. :(