Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Around Town: Toronto

I was in Toronto a few weeks ago for work, and luckily my friend Kat lives up there, too so I had someone to show me around town.

This was my first trip to Toronto, but I LOVED it... such it's such a trendy big city, but it's just so cute at the same time. We rode the subway (which, I don't know but I LOVE the subway, probably because I've never lived in a subway that actually uses one.)

We walked around downtown a bit and went to the AGO (Art Gallery or Ontario) They have a great collection of works, and one particular room I loved where contrasting styles all hung side by side in big, beautiful frames.

I also got to meet Kat's new man, Derek. The two of them made fun of my "accent" while we ate pad thai.

I learned a lot about Canada that I didn't know before. But most importantly did you know that they have milk in a bag instead of a carton? I knew Canadians were weird, but milk in a bag? Almost beyond my comprehension. What do you think, eh?


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