Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, this weekend was spent planning our wedding. And when I say planning our wedding, I mean my Mom and I went to the first dress fitting, found and interviewed the officiant who will marry us, found and interviewed the DJ and found some decor options for the wedding and maybe even a shower. (Sigh of relief that some of these big things are FINALLY done.)

Rambo went ice-fishing. So I guess aliens didn't take over his body after all. But as if to punish him, Cupid ensured that Rambo didn't catch any fish while he sat there in the cold for a few hours.

In all honesty though it's perfectly fine that Rambo's role in the wedding is basically to show up and say, "I do." But as I've told him before, if the day is 100% girly, he is not allowed to complain. And as far as I know he is perfectly at peace with this fact (Hallelujah!)

In addition to wedding planning and ice fishing (which by the way was up at my parent's house) we also got to spend the weekend with family and friends to celebrate Valentine's Day as well as a little pre-birthday celebration for moi (yay for a new FlipMinoHD... you can expect a little more video on the blog now!) It was a great dinner last night with family, and then we saw the movie Valentine's Day, which I was pleasantly surprised by... it was adorable and I highly recommend it.

AND in the spirit of love, I just found out my cousin Kassy got engaged which is really exciting, and I wish her and Brandon all the best!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and love-filled Valentine's Day and may Cupid hit you square in the heart!


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