Monday, February 15, 2010

Is it tacky to write a birthday post for yourself?

It may be tacky to write a birthday post for yourself, but this is my blog and it's my birthday, so I can write whatever I want right?

Happy Birthday to Me!

Now what should one write in a blog post about themselves on their 24th birthday? 24 things about me of course! It's my day after all!

1. I share my birthday with YouTube. Which is a coincidence because I just got a Flip Mino HD, so my relationship with YouTube will strengthen in the coming year.
2. I will be celebrating my birthday at El Rodeo tonight with a margarita as big as my head and lots of friends. Because I'm classy like that.
3. Turning 24 is not that exciting. Though I may have a slight breakdown when I hit a quarter of a century next year.
4. Facebook makes a birthday SO MUCH more exciting. At the time of this post I had more than 60 Happy Birthday posts. Thanks for all the well wishes.
5. My birthday usually coincides with Women's Swimming Big Tens. Which is awesome. And I can't wait to watch the Purdue girls rock it this weekend on home turf!
6. This year my birthday also falls on President's Day. Which makes me the natural choice for the first female president. I'd do great things in office. Like redecorate.
7. King has yet to wish me a happy birthday today. But he has been really good today, so I guess I'll take what I can get.
8. I was up at 4A.M. this morning. Which may very well make this year the longest birthday of my life.
9. The only events of note I could find on my birthdate (February 15, 1986) was the largest NBA crowd to date (Philadelphia at Detroit) and that Ferdinand Marcos won the rigged Philippines presidential election (how is that a feat? It was rigged!) Which may make my birth the most exciting thing that happened that day (perhaps I'm a little biased.)
10. I couldn't find anyone of note who died on my birthday or the day before. Making the chances of me being a reincarnated famous person somewhat slim.
11. If I Google "Lauren Hyman" and hit "I'm feeling lucky" the first thing that pops up is a Lauren Hyman who is a Gynecologist. Really? Your last name is Hyman and you went on to be a gynecologist? How original.
12. When I was born gas cost 89 cents.
13. In 1986 smoking was banned in public transport systems. Probably because everyone realized how precious my baby lungs were.
14. Perhaps as a result, the Nicotine patch was also created in 1986.
15. Billy Joel was a popular artist (and he still rules my heart!)
16. I also share my birthday with Galileo. Basically I'm destined for greatness.
17. I was born less than an hour after Valentine's Day. Apparently Cupid didn't want to share his big day with me.
18. I was born with my legs crossed. Because you know, I'm a lady.
19. In ten years I want lots of babies to sing happy birthday to me. Well not babies, exactly but kids. And I want 34 candles on my cake.
20. Speaking of which, when I turn 100 I better have 100 lit candles on my cake to blow out. I don't care if this requires the fire truck to show up.
21. Writing 24 things about myself and my birthday is harder than I thought it would be.
22. Mark did REALLY good on birthday and Valentine's day shopping this year. I told him he has set the standards high the the rest of our lives and I could see by the look on his face that he didn't necessarily consider that before.
23. I'm thankful I got to celebrate my birthday with my family this weekend, and will continue the celebration with lots of friends tonight.
24. Have FUN today! It's my day so I want everyone to have a great day. Just don't do anything to eclipse my birthday, okay? :) Unless it's to invent junk food that is fat and calorie free and tastes exactly like real junk food. That would be totally alright.

Happy Birthday to me!